Sponsors and Partners

Graminno is supported by the following sponsors and partners:

Accion Labs

Accion Labs is an innovation engineering company that provides services for enterprises to create innovative products and platforms using a globally distributed team of over 3000 engineers that specialize in various fields of emerging technologies.

Accion Labs supports Graminno by contributing key technology innovations such as the Maze Framework. Accion Labs also provides financial support for Graminno through its CSR funds.

Rotary Club of Mumbai, Juhu

Rotary International is the most territorial organisation in the world. It exists in 184 different countries and territories and cuts across dozens of languages, political and social structures, customs, religions and traditions.

Rotary Club of Mumbai's Juhu branch works closely with Graminno to provide support for volunteers, promotion of products made by the villagers, and financial support.

Venu Madhuri

Venu Madhuri is a Non-Governmental-Organization (NGO) that was setup to promote integrated, sustainable rural development that is based on traditional, time-tested wisdom, which aims towards local self-sufficiency with special emphasis on preservation of indigenous breeds of cattle and which foster the highest human values.

Venu Madhuri's team works closely with Graminno to provide guidance and support in all forms, including participation in various joint programmes, providing training sessions for various skills and strategic support for implementation.